How to Build An 8×10 Deck


Decks are an important part of every garden since there are multiple activities that can be carried out here. From chilling to busking in the sun, to barbeques and grills! The challenge lies in making one, however I assure you that this is a piece of cake. First and foremost is to create a list of the materials you need. To begin with, the following materials are needed;

· Wood

-6 pieces of lumber of 6-by-6 (10 feet long)

-4 pieces of lumber of 2-by-10 (10 feet long)

-8 pieces of 2-by-6 beams (8 feet) for joists

-35 pieces of lumber of 2-by-4 (8 feet)

· Concrete

-Six 60 pound bags

· Connectors (Stainless steel)

-Six 5 � inch post anchors

-4 inch angle brackets

-12 pieces of 2-by-6 hangers

· Fasteners (Stainless Steel)

-10d nails equating 3-inch screws (300 pieces)

-8d nails equating 2 �-inch screws (150 pieces)

-12 6-inch lag bolts

Step 1

First of all, set the concrete pier blocks to the four corners of the deck perimeter, after which you set one pier block on each side, in the middle of two corners. For each block, dig a small hole and level the top of each block using torpedo level. Dig the holes depending on how close you want the deck to be, from the ground. Nail the post holders to the top of each block with the 8d nails.

Step 2

Secondly, set the first post in one of the corners. If it’s a sloppy ground, then choose one that’s on the highest ground. Measure the desired height on the deck on the post keeping in mind to allow the thickness of the decking board, and then cut the post with a circular saw, eventually nailing it with the 8d nails.

Step 3

Set all the posts in all the corners, stretching a line level from the top of the first post following them one by one, cutting the tops level. After that, nail the posts in place and set more posts in between the corners, leveling the tops and repeating the same cut and nail process.

Step 4

Step 4 is to level the posts with the torpedo level and temporarily screw the joists to the posts with the the 3-inch screws. After this, drill 2 � inch holes through each junction of the joists and insert a bolt into it. Place a washer on the end of each bolt, screw on a nut and tighten the nut with a wrench until the head of the bolt bites deep into the wood

Step 5

Nail the joist hangers at 16-inch intervals along two facing rim joists, making sure that they are opposite each other. Use the 8d nails to attach the hangers and install the flush with the tops of the joists.

Step 6

Drop a lateral joist (2-by-6) into each pair of hangers and nail it in place with the 8d nails.

Step 7

The decking has to be laid perpendicular to the lateral joists and screwed with the 3-inch decking screws. Drive two screws into each board at each intersection with a joist, maintaining a spacing of about � inch between the decking boards. You can flush the edges and ends of the boards with the rim joists. And with this, voila! Your deck is ready!